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Red Dwarf X teaser trailer appears online

The first teaser trailer for Red Dwarf series X has appeared online, prompting the usual avalanche of comments, criticisms and feedback from fans.

Commissioned by Dave, not the BBC, in the same fashion as the three part “Back to Earth” episodes were, the new series will be the tenth, skipping over the fictional ninth one described in the Dwarfers visit to make-believe Earth. This new trailer features the laugh track that was found in all series apart from the latest offering, with the original four characters shown in the flesh.

Red Dwarf X
Cat's in it too, don't worry

No sign of Kochanski, which haters of the latter two series of Red Dwarf will be pleased with. However, plot hints in the Back to Earth episodes suggest that she could potentially make a comeback. Holly doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer in either incantation.

The look of the show is also pretty old school. Everyone is of course looking a little older, but everything is very faithful to early Dwarf. The camera appears relatively fixed, less of the cinematic style and the boys are definitely aboard the Red Dwarf.

Not much more is revealed in the minute or so collection of clips, but the show looks respectful of the old, while modernising its look. Sets are detailed and colours appear nicely muted – a blend between the greys of earlier episodes and the contrasting later ones.

KitGuru Says: Are you excited for the return to Red Dwarf? Prefer if they let classics like this remain so? Give us your take.

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  • Kevin F Stubbs

    Just out of interest, what do you mean by “the laugh track that was found in all series apart from the latest offering” ? If you are suggesting that they used canned laughter, then you’re wrong. Red Dwarf at the BBC was recorded with a live studio audience at their Oxford Road Manchester Studios. I know this for a fact as I was part of the audience for the recording of ‘Backwards’ for Season 3 way back in 1989. Sections filmed on location away from the studio were played back on monitors in sequence with the live filming to get audience reactions.

  • Very jealous of your chance to sit in on one of the shows.

    No, I’m aware that it wasn’t canned laughter, I just mean that they had laughter at all. The Back to Earth episodes obviously didn’t feature any, so it’s good to see the return of the studio audience. Perhaps I should have worded it like that, but I felt that their laughter was the most immediate way to put that across at the time of writing.