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Skullcandy release Crusher bass heavy headpones

Stylish headphone maker Skullcandy, has announced that today sees the release of its new pair of bass heavy headphones. Called the Crushers, they come packing something called “dual driver” technology and a big warning label, letting you know to be careful, because this bass, “you can feel.”

The Crushers make use of a pair of Powered Sensation55 drivers in each earcup, with a separate REX40 driver handling the less heavier frequencies. Apparently these headphones are so bassey though, that you can actually feel it, which means there's probably a vibration motor inside the earcups. A slider on the left earcup will let you adjust this setting, so if you want lots of rumbling in your headset, or none at all, you can customise it to your experience.

Manufacturers often include this sort of feature in gaming chairs, but usually that means dropping back on the real bass – something the Skullcandy obviously hasn't done here.

They did get this guy to wear this shirt for the advert though… for some reason. 

In terms of comfort, the Crushers have an adjustable headband and “premium materials” used for the earcups themselves. Being wireless, they also have an internal battery, but with power saving technology, when no music is playing, the internal amplifier is turned off.

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are available now for £90 at select retailers.

KitGuru Says: I had a gaming chair with active rumble before. It was a nice idea, but they needed a subwoofer so bad. It had no bass at all, as it was all being used to shake me around.

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