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GTA V torrents are spreading malware like crazy

The GTA V release is very close now. Less than two weeks away in fact. But don't let that tempt you into trying to download some torrented version to give you a chance to play a leaked version of the game before anyone else, as pretty much all of them are malware infested.

Romanian security firm BitDefender issued this warning yesterday, suggesting that GTA V hasn't been leaked, so there's not even a chance of you getting a legitimate download. On top of that, a PC version has yet to be announced, so trying to install it on your PC is a ridiculous idea; but that seems to be what a lot of people are doing.

Crime doesn't pay guys, even if this is your arresting officer

Running the “game's” setup file, installs a modified version of Double Fine and Ron Gilbert's 2013 release, The Cave. You're also prompted for a serial number, something that would surprise anyone that has ever pirated a game – as they almost always bypass activation systems with a crack. However this one asks you to not only input a code, but asks you to obtain one by completing an online survey. If you are silly/crazy enough to actually give the survey your mobile number, it'll start sending you premium rate text messages, leaving you out of pocket a euro a day.

On top of this, your PC will also become infected with a bit of malware called Trojan.GenericKDV.1134859, which can steal further information about you, or make your PC part of a zombie botnet.

KitGuru Says: You heard it here first (well, second) don't download GTA V yet. It's not out there yet. 

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