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Beware trojan wielding, fake piracy fine emails

I’m not breaking any ground when I saw that a lot of people download media illegally. You’ve told us for one, but it’s a widespread thing that continually shows up in the headlines when a new movie is released as the producers complain, or when Game of Thrones is on …

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Sophos warns of Ransomware Trojan

Most Malware is relatively harmless, causing minor headaches that you can clean up with a simple boot to safe-mode and a quick scan or two from a well updated commercial anti-malware program, but not all of them. Antivirus firm Sophos, has reached out after increasing reports have come in of …

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Skype spread trojan could make you a bitcoin miner

A new trojan has been discovered that is being spread through innocuous looking Skype messages, giving ‘hackers’ control of your machine. Once they do so however, they aren’t creating a botnet, or stealing credit card details, but making you part of a distributed bitcoin mining network. Those hit with the …

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In Russia, cyber crime is cheap


Whether you’re looking to hire a hacker for an hour, or have someone spammed, maybe you want a botnet of your very own, or a trojan that lets you take over a particular computer? All of this can be had for at most, a few hundred pounds – all you …

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Apple OS attacked by Trojan Malware

One of the man reasons Apple users feel superior when they boot the Mac, is the supposed lack of viruses. There’s no doubt that locking hardware to software with the Unix operating system has security advantages, but is it invulnerable?  New reports suggest not. KitGuru dresses like Colombo to investigate. The idea …

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Ban sick PC’s from internet say Microsoft

A senior researcher at Microsoft says that virus infected computers that pose a threat to other PC’s should be blocked from accessing the internet. Scott Charney of the trustworthy computing team said that this concept follows ideas learned from public health situations. Putting infected computers into a temporary quarantine would …

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ZeuS Trojan hybrids prove unstoppable

ZeuS malware has been used for some time now to steal personal information from online accounts and while several arrests have taken place in the US and the UK this Trojan is proving difficult to stop. Arresting several organisations unfortunately won’t suddenly mean that this nasty piece of software vanishes. …

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