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Malware taunts you with profanity after deleting your stuff

A new piece of malware has been discovered by the crew over at Malwarebytes, which not only specifically targets important file types for deletion, but once it’s complete it doesn’t stop harassing you. In-fact it waits for one of the affected programs or files to attempt to start and then quite literally says “f*** you!”

Once a victim’s PC is infected, the malware, dubbed Trojan.MSIL.ST in malwarebytes software (which is more than capable of clearing out this nasty little fella’) searches out file types like: .txt, .doc, .jpg, .rar, .7zip, setup.ext and a handful of other less common ones. Once it’s done so, it erases the original and adds the following delightful message:

Such charmers these malware writers

It turns out this particular piece of nasty-ware has been obfuscated with SmartAssembly v6, a piece of commercial software designed to prevent software piracy. +1 for the open source advocates.

Malwarebytes also suggested that this isn’t going to be the most rampant trojan ever, so don’t be too afraid of it. The fact that it’s this vocal bout its presence makes it much easier to detect and therefore is less likely to spread to other machines. It’s also pretty uncommon however, as it’s more of a prank than an effective malware spreading tool.

KitGuru Says: As usual though, make sure you have offsite backups of your most important files and documents.

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