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Someone is already waiting in line for the iPhone 5S

If you thought your girlfriend, or your pal, or even this chick was the biggest Apple fanboy in the world, you haven't heard about XXXPrius, who's already waiting in line in Japan for the iPhone 5S – 10 days before it's released and so far he's the only one there.

“I went ahead and got the first place in line,” he tweeted yesterday (via Kotaku), followed by a whole lot more – obviously he has some time on his hands. He's quite well set up though, with a lawn chair, umbrella, table and a cooler.

“All by my… sayeeeelf”

Normally I'd point out that there's no reason for a guy like this not to simply pre-order the phone online and have it delivered straight to him on release day, but that doesn't look to be possible here as the iPhone 5S is being reported as lacking in pre-orders all over the world, prompting some to suggest that there could be supply issues.

If that turns out to be the case, this guy could very well be the first to get his hands on one. It's not clear why that's important though, as it is, at the end of the day, just a phone.

Apple's iPhone 5s is set for release in the US, EU and Japan on 21st September.

KitGuru Says: I always wondered if this type of thing: what happens when you need a crap? Can anyone explain this to me? 

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  1. He is positioned next to a flowerbed for a very good reason. I could understand if this were the iphone6 …. But it isn’t.

  2. Diapers for the hardcore ones! lol or maybe a large container with a seal =) They could possibly have someone hold their place in line or something I guess. I was thinking of the same thing myself. No idea how they can do it. I would just wait for the next batch if they ran out. Some people have to have things though as soon as they come out, but I could not see myself waiting for ten days. I think I could maybe do one day if there was something I really really wanted from a black Friday sale or something but otherwise screw that lol.

  3. Wonder if he’s getting paid to do this????
    Do CRAPPle fanboys actually shit????