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Sony eases back on PlayStation video DRM

Sony has eased back on its DRM throttle and made it much easier for people to download and re-download shows they’ve paid for in the past on the PlayStation platform, adding support for unlimited downloads across multiple devices.

There’s also the addition of a cloud library, meaning if you buy something at one point, you’ll be able to download it whenever you want as far into the future as you want and as long as you have a device that can login to the feature, it will be able to download and view it too.


“If you purchase a copy, the video or TV show download will be available infinitely and can be transferred to other enabled devices,” reads the announcement on the Video Unlimited site (via Shacknews).

“Movie rentals are available for viewing up to 30 days after purchase and can be viewed multiple times within 24 hours on the same device.”

KtiGuru Says: Any time a company gets less restrictive with its DRM, it’s a good thing, but it seems like after the whole Xbox One debacle, some companies, and Sony in particular, are changing their tune on DRM a little more.

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