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Sony set to bring back the PocketStation memory card

Sony looks like it might be revitalising one of its most niche accessories, the PocketStation memory card. Similar to the Sega Dreamcast's VMs, the PocketStation was launched in 1999 and featured flash memory storage, infrared communication capabilities and a monochrome LCD display. The reason most haven't heard of it before, is because it was only released in Japan – whether that will be the case with a new version, remains to be seen.

Of course the Sony tease doesn't explicitly say that it's releasing a new one, but it's going to tell us something about the PocketStation brand on the 5th of November, so it seems hard to imagine why Sony would mention a 14 year old piece of technology if it wasn't going to launch a new generation.


If you understand Japanese, maybe you'll be able to get more info from the teaser video than I did. Google's translation attempts with the captions just made me laugh.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL-z60gg8t4′]

The general consensus from people looking into this is that we're either looking at some new sort of dongle like, memory card-ish device that might tie in with certain games – perhaps Wii Fit like body tracking or a pedometer, or a smartphone app that offers the same sort of functions as the original PocketStation, but on your phone. You could use it as a save backup/transfer device, as well as playing mini-games in relation to the main game on your PS4 and then upload that data to affect what you're doing on the console.

KitGuru Says: I used to play on my friend's Dreamcast VM a lot. That little pairs game for the Chao racing side-quest in Sonic Adventure. I'd play it for hours just to get more fruit so we could beat that black chao that would just lounge around for half the race and then beat you. So annoying. 

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