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Sony trademarks Destruction Derby maker Psygnosis

Sony has filed a new trademark, but not for some new version of the dual shock controller, or for some potentially in-development first party title, but for Psygnosis, the UK developer that created such franchises as the Wipeout and Destruction Derby.

It's possible that this filing means we're going to start seeing games come out of the Psygnosis back catalogue, but under the Sony banner. Whether they'll be re-releases, or remakes is up in the air at the moment. Of course on the other hand, we could also be looking at Sony taking on the name of Pysgnosis for one of its own studios, since this indeed a filing for a company name rather than any particular titles.


Sony has yet to make any sort of official announcement regarding the filing, which was made on the 25th September.


KitGuru Says: What do you guys think Sony is up to? I wouldn't mind a return to a few of the classic Psygnosis games. I grew up playing Destruction Derby, Wipeout and Lemmings and still occasionally play the latter on my Megadrive, along with another Psygnosis classic: Wiz and Liz, the greatest game about “wabbits,” ever. 

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