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Talking about your Xbox support job can get you fired

Two ex-Microsoft employees have spoken out about losing their positions as Xbox support staff, suggesting that the reason they were let go from the company was because they spoke about their experiences in a comment thread on Kotaku.

Now granted, some of what these guys say is a little derogatory of their employment – read them in full here – and the customers they have to deal with – as no doubt most phone support staff feel – but the interesting part comes from the fact that their usernames had nothing to do with their real identities and yet Microsoft identified them anyway. The question now remains, how did Microsoft know it was them?

I've got my eye on you.

However, this isn't what a lot of other commenters are focused on , but the fact that it's silly to name yourself as an employee of a company and then bash it. As one person pointed out, “how difficult is it to say, “my buddy works at at MS,”” instead.

We've heard stories of employees being fired for social networking comments before, but those in the discussion threads of a news story are far less common. It makes for a good warning however, that whatever you post online, expect someone that knows you to read it at some point.

KitGuru Says: So do you guys agree with Microsoft here? Or do you sympathise with those that were fired? Let us know.

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