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Microsoft Studios’ staff are being laid off

Following on from news that Xbox has a new boss, Phil Spencer, with plans to merge multiple departments together, including Microsoft Studios, the game development arm of the software giant is being hit by layoffs, with several staffers posting confirmation on Twitter; some of them, with links to their new …

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IO Interactive sheds half its work force

Danish developer, IO Interactive, has announced that nearly half of its staff have been let go, in a move that is designed to restructure the company to make it more streamlined, in order to continue development on further Hitman games. Everything but projects related to Hitman have now been cancelled. …

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Zynga blew $200 million on OMGPOP and then shut it down

Remember when Zynga bought up the developers of hugely popular fad game, Draw Something, last year? Remember when it signed the cheque for $200 million? Remember when Zynga went on to shut down that same company and fired almost everyone involved, just over a year later? That just happened. We …

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Zynga culls another 500 staff

Zynga has been bleeding staff and studios all over the world since its height, early on last year. Since then, it’s consolidated and consolidated some more and recently, it’s felt the need to do so again, cutting another 520 staff from its roster, in what’s being described as a “restructuring …

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Talking about your Xbox support job can get you fired


Two ex-Microsoft employees have spoken out about losing their positions as Xbox support staff, suggesting that the reason they were let go from the company was because they spoke about their experiences in a comment thread on Kotaku. Now granted, some of what these guys say is a little derogatory …

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