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Terrible Things is a horrific card game I want now

If you follow KitGuru’s news on a regular basis, you know I like to slip out of the world of tech now and again and don my wizard robes to tell you about a new board game that’s being released, or just one of my favourites. But I like card games too, I play Magic and Warhammer Invasion, Space Hulk: Death Angel. I have some party games too like Aye Dark Overlord and a few other more adult orientated ones. I also enjoy a good sick bit of humour, which is why I’m really excited by this Kickstarter.

Yes I know I said I wasn’t going to kick in on any more games, but this one is coming in the next couple of months and it sounds hilariously awful. As a heads up, if you find things offensive, just skip on down to the next news piece, as chances are you won’t like the idea of people laughing at horrible misfortune.

I don’t need to sell this to you though. You’ll either understand why this game is awesome in the follow image, or you’ll hate me for laughing at them.

I was going to ask you guys for your own ideas of racist superheroes, but we’d get in so much trouble.

The game itself is a simple card drawing, challenge based, team game, where you do your best to avoid the “humiliation” forfeits. The final game is just $30, set to be delivered in December and features hundreds of cards. There’s a “banned” version for $100 which is the limited edition with an extra 100 too-risque-for-a-game cards and a print-your-own version for $5 coming in September.

Pitch in to the Kickstarter here.

KitGuru Says: $75,000 is a fair bit for a card game, but considering this one has racked up over $15,000 in the first couple of days, it should be on to a winner.

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