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uTorrent is generating a lot of ad impressions

When uTorrent‘s parent company, BitTorrent Inc. announced that it would be adding banner like adverts to its torrent client, there was some measure of outcry from users. Not that much though and it shows, as most haven’t turned off the optional feature or used an older version. So much so in-fact, that it’s already generating over five billion impressions a month. 

Most of these impressions come from the uTorrent client, the most popular one BitTorrent Inc. created, but there’s more than a handful of impressions coming from the BitTorrent client as well. While these sorts of software aren’t the most legitimate out there, the sheer number of impressions served dwarfs other advertising networks and could potentially rake in some big sponsors looking for a good deal.

BitTorrent ads could see a big boost if a few respected names took the plunge

As it stands, most of the ones are pretty standard, shady looking ads. There’s lots for PC speed up tools and Poker sites, the bargain basement of banner advertisers. Really though, some tech firms and PC hardware companies could get some great exposure there for I suspect, much less than other advertising outlets.

Ironically, media companies could do very well with ads within uTorrent too. How about you put your movie up online to download from a legitimate source – at a reasonable price and with little in the way of restrictive DRM – and then advertise it through uTorrent. Sure the piracy numbers would go up, but I guarantee the legal buys would too.

KitGuru Says: This is where movie studios could do so well if they would just accept that this sort of technology is here to stay. Use it as a tool, don’t fight against it.

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