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Bittorrent Inc fall out settles down with co-CEO leaving


BitTorrent Inc. the company behind the Utorrent file sharing client, has become a one CEO firm once again. This came as part of a falling out between the two heads, who previously joined up as the company transitioned to a more commercial entity. It has denied that the company is …

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Utorrent Altruistic Mode helps make you the ideal Seed


Whether you're downloading something legally or illegally, peer to peer sharing etiquette dictates that you upload more than you download – it helps files disseminate and counters those who only leech. To help encourage that behaviour, the Utorrent client now has an “Altruistic Mode,” which only downloads half as much …

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BitTorrent Inc. serves 200 million+ ads a day

When it was announced back in 2012 that the Utorrent BitTorrent client was going to begin serving adverts, it wasn't a particularly popular move. Despite that though, to this day they continue to be served in monstrous numbers. The latest count has the software's parent company BitTorrent Inc., serving upwards …

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uTorrent update secretly installs Bitcoin miner

uTorrent has been caught secretly bundling and installing a Bitcoin miner with its latest client update. The latest update has been found to secretly install EpicScale without user permission, which uses a certain amount of CPU power to mine Bitcoin in the background. Since the program comes automatically as part …

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Bittorrent wants to distribute music, legally

Bittorrent Inc, the company behind the uTorrent client and some of the Bittorrent Bundles of the past couple of years, recently released Radiohead singer Thom Yorke's latest solo album through a paywall protected torrent, in an effort to show that peer to peer networking can be used as a legitimate …

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Utorrent backs off of mandatory adverts

uTorrent maker BitTorrent Inc. was hit with a lot of flak last week for introducing mandatory adverts into its once upon a time, lightweight torrent sharing client, Utorrent. Over the weekend however, it dropped that idea and returned the service to optional advertisements. The advert in question is a small …

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uTorrent is generating a lot of ad impressions

When uTorrent‘s parent company, BitTorrent Inc. announced that it would be adding banner like adverts to its torrent client, there was some measure of outcry from users. Not that much though and it shows, as most haven't turned off the optional feature or used an older version. So much so …

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CNET can keep its torrent client downloads, court rules


Last week we heard how a coalition of artists and one billionaire had targeted CNET's Download.com with legal action, hoping that the court would ban it from distributing the file sharing software uTorrent. However a court has now ruled that the site is more than within its right to continue …

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Artists claim CNET responsible for all BitTorrent piracy


A collection of artists and billionaire FilmOn founder Alki David, have accused CBS and CNET's run Download.com, as being responsible for most of the world's piracy, simply because it currently and has for a long time, offered torrent software for download. Of course that's like suggesting kitchen utensil sales companies like John …

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Demonoid domains for sale, uTorrent going ad supported

Torrent News

Lots of torrent news over the weekend for those downloading, legitimately and not. First up, Demonoid's domain names have now been listed for sale. The site has been down for some  time, with some fans of the popular torrent search site suggesting that perhaps it was just a temporary outage; since that had …

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