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Vevo débuts in EU

Vevo, the music video website and promoter of hideously censored Youtube tracks, is now set to launch across mainland Europe, beginning in France, Spain and Italy first.

The service that has been available in the UK for just over a year now, is opening up country specific versions of its site in an attempt to draw in more international viewers. In doing so it will be adding music videos from the launch countries, supporting local talent as well as allowing citizens of those nations to find them more easily than they can on a more general site like Youtube – at least that's the theory.

Vevo and Mega.co.nz seem to share a colour scheme

However that may not turn out to be the case. A quick scan of any comments on Vevo Youtube videos will bring up many, many people who are simply not fans of the way Vevo censors content. Swear words are all gone, as well as words that could be considered on the edge of decency: drug use, sex etc.

Despite advertising its service through Youtube, Vevo will not be making use of Google's advertising schemes and will instead use Yahoo to sell ads on the site, according to The Guardian.

KitGuru Says: So one year on from its UK début, how many of you guys use Vevo over Youtube? Anyone?

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