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Youtube could be working subscription music service

If you thought the music service marketplace was crowded enough with Spotify, Itunes, BBC iplayer and all the other on-demand listening services, it might be set to get even more so, as some reports are suggesting Youtube could soon be launching its own version. Regardless of market saturation however, Youtube …

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Vevo débuts in EU


Vevo, the music video website and promoter of hideously censored Youtube tracks, is now set to launch across mainland Europe, beginning in France, Spain and Italy first. The service that has been available in the UK for just over a year now, is opening up country specific versions of its …

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A musical listening service for the technical

While Spotify might be the world’s darling at the moment when it comes to music listening services and the upcoming Myspace revamp and Kim Dotcom’s Megabox are on everyone’s radar, another has been created by Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology institute, that sounds more in tune with the technical …

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