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A musical listening service for the technical

While Spotify might be the world’s darling at the moment when it comes to music listening services and the upcoming Myspace revamp and Kim Dotcom’s Megabox are on everyone’s radar, another has been created by Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology institute, that sounds more in tune with the technical music fan.

Known as Songle (pronounced SONG-lee), it analyses tracks hosted online and breaks them down into their chords, beats, melodies and rhythms. From there the user can simply look through the information academically, or use it to find tracks that feature a similar structure or composition. This offers a new method of finding new music, beyond that of listing by genre or artist.

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“This is a showcase for active music listening,” said Songle creator Dr. Masataka Goto. “Listeners can browse within songs.”

However the service isn’t instantaneous. According to Wired it can take up to 10 minutes to analyse a single song once a user has linked to it. However once it’s been done, the metadata for that track is then stored on the software’s database.

Since it launched in August, around 80,000 tracks have been analysed.

KitGuru Says: The world has generated some interesting ways to look at music. Whether it’s through crazy Youtube videos, games like Audiosurf and Frets on Fire and now with Songle. Do you guys think this compliments the already vast landscape of ways to enjoy our collection, or is it a waste of time?

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