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Kingston drops price bomb on 60GB

While the overall price of SSD's have been falling for a good year now, the ‘really crazy' deals have normally been on things like refurbished stock. News in from one of the UK's biggest resellers, shows that the price of brand new drives has dropped further than anyone thought possible in 2012.

We're not going to preamble the actual price with paragraphs of historical analysis. We're just going to give you the offer that we received.

At eBuyer, you can now buy a 60GB Kingston V+200 SSD drive, with 535MB/sec read and 460MB/sec write speeds, for just £29.

It has a SATA III interface, so the claimed read/write speeds are very high.

Also, eBuyer is offering free delivery.

Selling a SATA III Kingston SSD at £29.95 seems amazing. That's half a tank of petrol.


KitGuru says: Putting one of these into an old laptop, with a fresh install of Windows, is going to make you feel like a spring lamb. Can't be baaad.

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