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Youtube adds more original programming channels

Google has added 60 new channels to Youtube, expanding its push of original programming within the UK, German and French markets. The idea of Youtube's channels is to make the site more TV like, thereby making adverts and product placement seem more natural on the site – which is traditionally more useful for watching cats fall off things.

According to AllThingsD however, the original run of channel creators haven't received much support from Youtube, in the way of guidance about content or distribution. Google's counter to that was this was an established principle in the original channel signing agreement, as well as pointing out that most of the channels have grown to have quite large audiences.

Youtube. More like YouTV in the future? Maybe?

The deal for the set to be newly signed channels looks to be much the same as the original one. Youtube hands over an interest free advance to the channel owner, in return for all ad revenue from videos added to the site until the advance is cleared, as well as exclusivity of content for at least a year. However, it's been suggested that since EU advertising revenue is poorer that in the US, the advances being offered this time around could be a bit lower than before.

KitGuru Says: A new Vice channel isn't a bad thing, especially if it helps the organisation stop splitting their videos into six minute segments. What do you guys think of this new channel system? Are you happy for Youtube to be more commercialised, or are adverts killing the site's spark?

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