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500GB Samsung SSD at just £211. OMG.

With a special £40 cashback deal in place, Aria has moved the price of the 500GB Samsung 840 SSD into the realms of ‘amazing’. To find out how to pick up one of these drives at £211, before stocks run out, read on. With a 540MB/sec read speed, your whole …

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Kingston drops price bomb on 60GB

While the overall price of SSD’s have been falling for a good year now, the ‘really crazy’ deals have normally been on things like refurbished stock. News in from one of the UK’s biggest resellers, shows that the price of brand new drives has dropped further than anyone thought possible …

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Add an SSD from just £14.99 – check how

One of the UK’s oldest and most respected component resellers, Aria, has opened up a new deal for re-engineered Solid State Drives. While you can ponder if the whole concept is or isn’t right for you, the fact is that some SSDs are getting sold for £14.99 with a manufacturer …

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eBuyer and Amazon compete in SSD price-cut-athon

When KitGuru broke the news that Toshiba was cutting memory production in the quiet summer months to help firm up the price of SSDs etc, the affect was significant and immediate. Now that the initial concerns about availability have passed, the industry heavyweights are back in the ring to take …

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Sandisk SSD price crash – 120GB under £70

When Intel began shipping the X25 SSD back in 2008, it kicked off with 32GB, 64GB and even an 80GB. When it also announced that a drive bigger than 100GB was coming, enthusiasts were overjoyed. The starting price for a sensible sized drive was around $600 (£400). Today, that has …

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Aria fills your PC tank with SSD Petrol for £59

No matter how cynical we get, each generation does bring a true improvement in speed and performance. Sometimes through the introduction of a brand new technology which changes the game – and other times through a significant price move, which suddenly brings innovation to the masses. KitGuru lands on one …

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