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Aria fills your PC tank with SSD Petrol for £59

No matter how cynical we get, each generation does bring a true improvement in speed and performance. Sometimes through the introduction of a brand new technology which changes the game – and other times through a significant price move, which suddenly brings innovation to the masses. KitGuru lands on one resellers page and considers OCZ’s SSD pricing.

As one of the oldest and most established UK resellers, Aria has been banging out the deals for two decades. In the early days, bargains would have consisted of things like ‘low cost font packs for dot matrix printers’, [Yep, at some point after the dinosaurs, but before the modern world, fonts had to be purchased as physical lumps of technology – Ed]. Today, the Manchester-based company is offering OCZ SSD drives for less than a quid a gigabyte.

It was almost two years ago when we analysed the ‘livability’ of a 64GB drive and concluded that it was definitely usable. The launch of OCZ’s Petrol series has meant that ‘liveable size SSD’ is now available to everyone, especially with hard drive price sky-rocketing after the Thai floods.

At the time of writing, Aria has the 64GB OCZ Petrol SSD on sale at less than £60.

Whether you’re using a PC or laptop, the process of popping your existing drive, installing a £59 OCZ Petrol SSD, re-installing Windows 7 and enjoying a much faster, cleaner burning life is, well, pretty simple and straight forward. Sure, you will need to re-install your applications, but your data is still on the old drive so, for a while, you can just plug it in through a caddy etc and have it ‘to hand’ whenever you need it.

We remember when SSD drives cost hundreds and only offered 30 to 60GB of storage. Now Aria delivers OCZ loving for the masses.

KitGuru says: While Aria’s special off on the 185MB/sec OCZ Petrol SSD isn’t market leading, it is several times quicker than a traditional hard drive – especially if you were unfortunate enough to get lumbered with a 5400rpm drive in an old laptop. Almost every laptop that’s landed at a KitGuru reviewer’s office has been upgraded to SSD and it’s always well worth the effort! Put a little nitrous-enriched Petrol in your tank today.

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