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Adobe Flash on the iPad? yes, it is possible

Steve Jobs would turn in his grave if he found out that a startup company have managed to stream Adobe Flash onto the Apple iPad.

This week the company announced a new version of OnLive Desktop, an iPad application that allows the end user to run a virtual Windows desktop with Windows Applications stored on servers via the cloud. The latest version now includes a browser which supports Adobe Flash. While Apple don't allow Flash to run on their tablet computer, OnLive have worked out a way around it.

Wired Enterprise chatted to Steve Perlman, who actually agreed that Apple were correct in closing down Flash for their mobile devices due to the ‘buggy nature of the platform'. He added however “when you can run [Flash] on a full-powered computer, that equation is very different.”

Wired add “OnLive is just the latest venture from Steve Perlman, a serial inventor and entrepreneur most famous for building Apple’s Quicktime video software and WebTV, an internet-on-your-TV contraption that was purchased by Microsoft. OnLive began by streaming games across the net to desktops, laptops, and tablets, but last month, it started streaming Windows desktops as well.

The initial version was free, but the new Flash-browser version is priced at $4.99 a month. The upgrade also gives Adobe’s PDF Reader, but Perlman says the browser is a real selling point. “It’s the fastest mobile browser ever,” he says. “And unless you’re a consumer with a gigabit connection, this is the fastest consumer browser ever…. It takes about a tenth of a second to download 15 megabytes.”

Kitguru says: Is this something you would pay for?

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