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Sandisk SSD price crash – 120GB under £70

When Intel began shipping the X25 SSD back in 2008, it kicked off with 32GB, 64GB and even an 80GB. When it also announced that a drive bigger than 100GB was coming, enthusiasts were overjoyed. The starting price for a sensible sized drive was around $600 (£400). Today, that has been blown away by Sandisk. KitGuru dons a Tron outfit and prepares to be lasered.

Unless you buy memory for cameras, the name Sandisk might not be familiar to you. But, on a global scale, this company has been around since 1988 and it is huge. While the products it sells are very tiny and inexpensive, it actually managed to turn over close to $5 billion in revenue each year. A huge 25% of that was pure profit. For many companies operating in the technology components business, picking up over $1 billion in profits would seem like a dream.

But, just like everyone else, the chaps and chap-esses at Sandisk are not happy. They see a BOOMING business in SSD memory and memory specialist Sandisk has been excluded from the party.

Not any more.

News into KitGuru from dubstep lovers Dabs & Co, says that Sandisk is scared enough to drop its pants right down around its corporate ankles and present the most attractive offer possible to the market as a whole [Check your spelling there, young Skywalker – Ed].

OK, this 120GB SSD drive is not going to win any speed races with a modern drive, but it will still give any build a righteous pumping for just £67. That's just $85 before tax in the US of A.

Full details on this offer can be found here.

120GB is a very useful size - argubly the optimum for a 'boot drive on a budget'. Especially when your budget is £67.

KitGuru says: When we discusses SSD pricing with Intel, many moons ago, the magic figure being bandied around for it to become truly mass market, was 50p a gigabyte. Looks like Sandisk is the first to hit that kind of price point – but you don't imagine the rest of the market will be far behind.

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