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PCs bought from June to be updated to Windows 8 – for a fee

Typically, when a new Windows operating system is launching soon, Microsoft tempts consumers to buy that new desktop or laptop sooner rather than later. How it did this in the past was by offering a free upgrade to the new edition of Windows once it’s released. According to reports, this will not happen with the launch of Windows 8 later this year. While you will still be offered the upgrade if you buy a new PC from June 2nd, you will have to fork over $14.99.

"Buy a tablet because that's the only way you'll truly enjoy Windows 8. Oh and you can upgrade from Windows 7 for just $14.99."

It does have its benefits though, the updated PCs will get Windows 8 Pro which adds fancy features such as file encryption and virtualization support. Plus anyone that purchases a PC with Windows 7 Home Basic or better from the second day in June will be subject to this offer. While at least the free upgrade is gone, getting updated to the Pro edition for next to nothing is a decent deal.

KitGuru says: As some readers said in the source comments “I can’t think of any reason to do this, even if it were free.”

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