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KFA2 Geforce GTX680 EX OC review

Rating: 9.5.

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Nvidia GTX680 and today we are following up with a look at one of the high end, custom cooled, overclocked cards from Nvidia partner KFA2. We have looked at several KFA2 cards in the past and have been impressed with their hardware so far. Is the new GTX680 EX OC worth the high asking price?

KFA2 are a relatively new player to the scene however they are already getting a reputation in enthusiast circles, especially in regards to their heavily modified cooling implementations.

Product Nvidia GTX580 Nvidia GTX590 Nvidia GTX680 KFA2 Geforce GTX680 EX OC
Transistors 3000m 3000m x2 3540m 3540m
Core Clock 772mhz 607mhz 1006mhz+ 1110mhz+
Memory clock 1002mhz 855mhz 1502mhz 1502mhz
Shaders 512 512×2 1536 1536
ROPs 48 48×2 32 32
Memory amount
3GB 3GBx2 2GB 2GB
Memory bus width 384bit 384 bit x 2 256 bit 256 bit

The KFA2 Geforce GTX 680 EX OC not only ships with a custom designed cooling solution, but the company have boosted the core clock speed to 1110mhz, which should translate to decent frame rate gains when compared against the reference card.


  • KFA2 Own Design GeForce GTX 680
  • Innovation Cooler Design giving powerful yet silent cooling
  • Overclocking Performance
  • Extreme Cool
  • Extreme Quiet
  • 6-Phase Core PWM,
  • 2-PhaseMemory PWM
  • Core Clock: 1110MHz (GK104)
  • Core Boost Clock: 1176MHz
  • Memory: 2048MB GDDR5
  • Memory Clock: 6008MHz (Effective)
  • Memory Interface: 256-Bit
  • Processing Cores: 1536
  • Shader Clock: 2220MHz
  • Bus Type: PCI-Express GEN 3.0 (Backwards compatible)
  • Display Connectors: 2x Dual-Link DVI-I, 1x HDMI 1.4a & 1x Displayport
  • SLI Ready (Upto 3-Way SLI Supported)
  • HDCP Capable
  • DirectX 11 Support
  • OpenGL 4.0 Support
  • PhysX Enabled
  • CUDA Enabled
  • 3D Vision Enabled
  • NVIDIA Surround Enabled
  • Lower power consumption (Maximum consumption 195 watts at stock speed)
  • 1x 8-Pin + 1x 6-Pin PCI-E Connectors required
  • Card Dimensions: 270*111.15*38.75 mm
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Supplied with FREE KFA2 NVIDIA GPU Keyring worth £9.95

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