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Samsung Galaxy S III collects nearly 10 million pre-orders

An Samsung official who would love to remain anonymous in order to retain his job has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S III unveiled a few weeks ago has had over 9 million units pre-ordered already. Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship is destined to launch later this month in the UK, but the remainder of stock will be headed to more than 290 carriers in 145 countries.

Samsung: Encountering success before a product is even launched

For comparison sake, the predecessor, the Galaxy S II, took ten months to ship 20 million units. While “ship” and “pre-order” come with rather different meanings it would be safe to assume that the Galaxy S III will eclipse its older sibling in terms of sales. As to how it will shape up against the HTC One X and the new iPhone is yet to be seen within sight of public eyes.

KitGuru says: Samsung will no doubt benefit financially from the success the Galaxy S III is bound to strike upon.

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  • fteoath648

    This must be a record if the numbers proved to be true. I am sure Sammy is very happy. The Exynos 4412 processor turns out to be a cracker that no one expects. Now, it would seem the 5250 would be a hotly contested tablet when it arrives. This must be keeping the iPad product manager awake at night!.
    Sammy seems to learn from Nokia and Apple’s tricks and using them to its own advantage. Well Done!.

  • I think Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is going to take Apple iPhone5 down. Actually I hope 😛
    I Love Samsung’s Galaxy series… http://goo.gl/FBYBK