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Samsung lose $11 billion value, over Apple/Elpida report

Samsung have lost $11 billion value, or 6 percent over a Taiwanese trade news outlet report earlier this week. The report said that Apple have started to place big memory orders with Japanese chipmaker Elpida.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple is strained at the best of times, but Apple rely on Samsung for many components used in their products. The report this week has said that Apple want to not only get a little more ‘independence' against Samsung, but they want to help Elpida, who are struggling and filing for bankruptcy protection. Apple see the value in working with the company on a variety of levels.

Apple are Samsung's biggest customer worldwide, purchasing many chips and displays. The relationship is complex however as both companies are legally tangled in many parts of the globe over patent claims.

Sources claim that Elpida are already selling half of their DRAM chips to Apple. Their production facilities however right now can't cause a huge problem for Samsung, who product more than half of the global mobile market. Apple are however clearly looking into alternative suppliers, because no company wants to have to rely on a single supplier.

You can read more on this report at Reuters.

Kitguru says: More straining of the relationship between Apple and Samsung.

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