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500GB Samsung SSD at just £211. OMG.

With a special £40 cashback deal in place, Aria has moved the price of the 500GB Samsung 840 SSD into the realms of ‘amazing’. To find out how to pick up one of these drives at £211, before stocks run out, read on.

With a 540MB/sec read speed, your whole world would be a better place with one of these drives – if it costs just over £200.

For a desktop system, it would mean a lot of flexibility – working with all of your serious projects on the desktop (C:) – and only periodically having to think ‘Ah yes, must back up to my spinning drives’.

But for a serious notebook user? This is perfect.

You may not have multiple hard drive slots available – so you need all the storage you can get in the one spot.  And 500GB will be enough to keep you going for some time.

To find out what you have to do in order to get this limited stock cashback offer from Aria, click here.

We’re not sure there’s anything else we could add to make the 500GB Samsung 840 at £211 seem more attractive – but here’s Kristina to try.


KitGuru says: There’s no doubt that this represents the best SSD deal of the past 12 months. Samsung can do this kind of deal, because it actually makes the drives. This is a serious heads-up to competitors.

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