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Scan slashes pricing on the Radeon HD 7990

In the springtime of 2013 when AMD launched ‘Malta’, the Radeon HD 7990 was the fastest graphics card in the world and weighed in at a whopping £800. Now as the year draws to a close and there have been a spate of new launches, what is the current situation?  …

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Acer makes Intel’s Ultrabook dream afforable

When Intel first started touting the concept of an Ultrabook, our imaginations were captivated. Computex that year was full of new ideas and concepts – mostly built around processors that would ultimately struggle to make their sales targets. The problem was price. But maybe that’s changing. You want the Core …

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500GB Samsung SSD at just £211. OMG.

With a special £40 cashback deal in place, Aria has moved the price of the 500GB Samsung 840 SSD into the realms of ‘amazing’. To find out how to pick up one of these drives at £211, before stocks run out, read on. With a 540MB/sec read speed, your whole …

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nVidia 655Ti rushed out to battle 7790

In life, people walk in a lot of different directions. It’s often said that a leader without followers is just a bloke taking a walk. You know you’re leading when you look over your shoulder and find that the next person is right behind you – taking the same steps/turns …

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Affordable Quad HD TV becomes a reality

One of the by-products of being a KitGuru is that you never run out of friends and family members that hit you up for advice on their next purchase. It happened yesterday, which led to some price research, which led to the uncovering of a gem online. KitGuru weighs the …

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UK must say NO to grey, in the opinion of YOYOTech

Even if you’re only a casual reader of the technology sites, you can’t help but come across the expression ‘grey market’. When there were hundreds of suppliers in the market for systems and components, then it was such a complex issue that no one really tried to tackle it. Now …

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