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Affordable Quad HD TV becomes a reality

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One of the by-products of being a KitGuru is that you never run out of friends and family members that hit you up for advice on their next purchase. It happened yesterday, which led to some price research, which led to the uncovering of a gem online. KitGuru weighs the piggy bank and wonders where the hammer was last seen.

When Toshiba launched a $10,000 Quad HD 3D TV last January, we all felt that the new generation of cool stuff was imminent.

The actual specification of Quad HD seems to vary faster than a dubstep beat, but it is essentially 4,000 by 2,000 – giving you 8 million dots – so around 4x the number you get with a 1920×1080 resolution picture – hence Quad HD.

We did a scan for the latest kind of price you might pay for a Quad HD 3D TV from a reputable manufacturer and came across the Toshiba 55ZL2B.

Over on John Lewis, it weighs in at £4,999 with positive customer reviews etc. Which is all well and good. But a deeper search revealed a very different price from some other online retailers like 123AV.

Who?   We hear you ask. No – we hadn’t heard of them either, but over 100 reviews on Trust Pilot say that they have a 9.4 out of 10 rating, so we know that they do actually exist.

They exist enough to be offering the same Toshiba 55ZL2B for just £2,995.

In addition to being a 55″ Quad HD product, this TV offers glasses-free 3D with an intelligent face-tracking system that adjusts the image so that everyone gets a more realistic experience.

At £7,000 it's expensive. By £5,000 it's getting interesting. With 123 AV offering it at £2,995, it's about to becomes a whole lot more affordable. By Xmas, who knows? Buying a TV now is a dangerous occupation. Buyer's remorse is waiting by the ton.


KitGuru says:We love this price move. It shows that more will follow – and FAST. With the new consoles coming and the existing large screen 3D TVs struggling to command more than £500 – something has to give. We’re gonna predict that someone will be selling a large screen Quad HD TV in stores, by Christmas, for £1,495. We might be wrong – but that’s the Christmas wish for 2014.

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