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Shocking price drop on 4K TV to just $699

Wow.  There. We said it. Right up here in the bold, red headline. While the majority of KitGuru folks expected to see 4K TVs in the stores for less than £1,500 before Xmas, we had not expected to see them arrive at $699 by Summer. You read on while we …

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Quad TV wars heat up with Sony’s 65-incher

Here at KitGuru, we have been predicting for quite some time that this Christmas will see the start of a blood bath on Quad HD TV pricing – but for the massacre to begin, it needs competition. Sony looks to be throwing its hat into the ring with the XBR-65X900A. …

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Affordable Quad HD TV becomes a reality

One of the by-products of being a KitGuru is that you never run out of friends and family members that hit you up for advice on their next purchase. It happened yesterday, which led to some price research, which led to the uncovering of a gem online. KitGuru weighs the …

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3D liquid crystals set to revolutionise monitor technology

Scientists at the University if Colorado have successfully created a system whereby particles can be injected into liquid crystal – bringing order to chaos – and opening up the possibility of a revolutionary new kind of screen within the decade. That’s now been explained and augmented by a clever maths …

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4K TVs at £22k land on UK shelves

Often referred to as Quad HD, the next generation of TVs is chomping at the bit to arrive in our stores and living rooms. While Apple is content with packing more and more pixels into a smaller and smaller area, the TV companies seem more keen on delivering a regular-HD …

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4k screens are £1,000 an inch, but not for long

We work with some of the world’s leading technology companies, especially when it comes to graphics cards. During a recent video shoot with one of the biggest, we were discussing that wonderful thing called ‘the future’ and the discussion moved to image quality, preparedness and the cost of glass. The …

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