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Shocking price drop on 4K TV to just $699

Wow.  There. We said it. Right up here in the bold, red headline. While the majority of KitGuru folks expected to see 4K TVs in the stores for less than £1,500 before Xmas, we had not expected to see them arrive at $699 by Summer. You read on while we pick ourselves up from the floor.

Never heard of Seiki?

Don’t worry, we’re not that familiar with the brand either, but they seem set to take the world of 4K by storm with the announcement that – from tomorrow – Americans will be able to pick up a 39″ 4K TV from Sears at just $699.

According to Seiki’s own web site, they make everything and then sell direct – to cut out as many middlemen as possible.

That means they can include cute little extras, like Yamaha speaker systems.

We have no idea if the rumour is true, but there is a story doing the web that Seiki TVs work with Samsung remote controls.

Would be funny if Seiki was a way for Samsung to pick up even more market share – toward the low end of the market.

We've all been waiting for 4K resolution to see even more of the world's natural beauty - right?
We’ve all been waiting for 4K resolution to see even more of the world’s natural beauty – right?


KitGuru says: We don’t care about the Samsung ‘back door rejects’ stories. All we care about is that 4K will land in our living rooms at a sensible price in time for Xmas. If Seiki drives the market this hard, then expect Toshiba et all to land under £1,500 sooner rather than later. The pressure is now on Sky to improve its questionable image quality.

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