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Would you deliver your neighbour’s food for a discount?

Walmart is looking into crowd-sourcing its delivery service, offering discounts to customers that deliver their neighbours’ food. You’d need to tell the supermarket where you live, but once done, Warlmart says it would highlight delivery routes for customer orders.

It’s not something the grocery chain is expecting to implement soon, but it’s certainly being considered. “This is at the brainstorming stage, but it’s possible in a year or two,” Jeff McAllister, senior VP of Walmart US innovations said while speaking with Reuters.

Live better, with randomers bringing my food? Erm...

The idea to save on delivery charges and fuel, by not making deliveries to individual places. It makes sense and has been trialled by other companies before but of course a few questions remain: 1: What stops the deliverers from swiping a couple of free items from my order? 2: What about handling and hygiene? I wouldn’t want some mouth breather handling my loose fruit and vegetables. 3: Not every home delivery order is accepted because it has substitutions or missing items. What happens then? Would the deliverer be expected to take it all back?

KitGuru Says: While I could see myself making a couple of stop offs on the way home to save on some cash, there’s no way I’d want some random, unaccountable person handling my food. What about you guys? Am I being paranoid here?

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