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Aldi: online grocery sales ‘not an immediate focus’

Despite the massive growth of online grocery shopping in the UK, German discount supermarket chain Aldi, has said that it won’t be pushing into the field in any large way. Despite reports released earlier this week that it would be looking to expand online in the UK, it has now …

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Would you deliver your neighbour’s food for a discount?


Walmart is looking into crowd-sourcing its delivery service, offering discounts to customers that deliver their neighbours’ food. You’d need to tell the supermarket where you live, but once done, Warlmart says it would highlight delivery routes for customer orders. It’s not something the grocery chain is expecting to implement soon, …

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Making the shopping experience of the future

Minority Report

While we’ve seen a lot of high street businesses fold in recent times thanks to a huge upsurge in online sales, Intel has come up with a way to improve the retail shopping experience in the real world that could mean for a much nicer experience when out looking for …

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