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Making the shopping experience of the future

While we've seen a lot of high street businesses fold in recent times thanks to a huge upsurge in online sales, Intel has come up with a way to improve the retail shopping experience in the real world that could mean for a much nicer experience when out looking for a deal.

It debuted a “deal-sending screen,” at this year's National Retail Federation conference in New York, where retailers are able to automatically tap into a user's information in order to tailor deals to them. Maybe you're a man, who's short and slim – like a certain writer I know – so perhaps you're looking for clothes designed to fit a leg that belongs in the Shire? Well Intel's tech could direct you right to it and give you a 10 per cent discount too by sending a coupon to your phone.

The idea is that using cameras that pick up your details as well as cross referencing publicly available information about a shopper, the whole buying experience can be streamlined and personalised to each customer.

Minority Report
We already have the floaty touch screens, how right does Minority Report need to be?

There's also talk of bringing the self checkouts seen in supermarkets into retail outlets as well, which should cut down on the lines seen at stores that can sometimes turn people away from purchasing. Bigger selections is also something that stores are going for according to Reuters, with screens in store offering a wider range of products.

Ultimately a lot of the technology being talked about is attempting to emulate the ease of use that we have online.

KitGuru Says: Most people would agree that facial recognition tech is likely to turn people away from stores, but would you guys be happy with a camera checking your build and then sending a discount offer to your smartphone?

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