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Dubai police are now using predictive crime software


We may have touch screens and automated cars, but one aspect of Minority Report technology we haven't quite mastered yet, is pre-crime. Dubai is looking to lead the charge there though, with the introduction of new, predictive crime software, which claims to be able to predict where crimes are more …

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Is big-data a real hope for Minority Report style pre-crime?

The use of big-data has exploded in the last few years, allowing for new weather prediction algorithms, Netflix suggestions and more targeted advertising among many other uses, including some controversial ones. Take for example its use in predicting criminal activity. Could this one day lead to a Minority Report-like pre-crime …

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HBO and Showtime try to sue for pre-crime piracy

Usually when someone is charged with a crime, they've already committed it, but not in this instance. HBO and Showtime, the two premium TV companies set to broadcast the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match in a few days time, have announced their intention to sue the owners …

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Tesco to introduce face-scanning targeted adverts

If you do your weekly shop at your local Tesco, you could soon be having your face scanned and adverts displayed specifically to target you. It may not announce your name to the world with a projected face like Minority Report, but it could be equally embarrassing if you're a …

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Making the shopping experience of the future

Minority Report

While we've seen a lot of high street businesses fold in recent times thanks to a huge upsurge in online sales, Intel has come up with a way to improve the retail shopping experience in the real world that could mean for a much nicer experience when out looking for …

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