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Girl hit with £3,800 mobile bill using Facebook on holiday

A girl has been hit with a staggering £3,800 mobile phone bill, just by using Facebook.

The Metro ran a story that said Casey Snook was sending updates to friends as she enjoyed a holiday in the Big Apple. She was visiting landmarks such as The Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park in New York City.

Casey and her mother Kate. They claim Orange ‘extorted' money due to data roaming. (Picture: SWNS)

The report said that she was unaware her photo posts were running up data roaming charges. That was until her father's bank account was sucked dry, going overdrawn.

Her mother Kate, 43 isn't happy with situation and is accusing Orange of ‘extortion'. Of course getting the story published in the Metro paper has helped raise the profile of ridiculous roaming charges.

Orange said they sent a text message to Casey to tell her that she had exceeded her internet data limit and that her bill had increased from £50 a month to £320. Orange said they also barred her from sending more texts and making more calls. The didn't block data roaming however. They say Casey clicked a ‘yes' button when asked if she wanted to keep the data option enabled.

The girl is denying the claims. The family claim they don't understand what a data cap is and that many teenagers wouldn't either. She added “I don’t understand why another message wasn’t sent after the one that said the bill had reached £320. Why wasn’t one sent at £500 or £1,000?” If she was sent one at £1,000 would she have read it anyway?

Orange said “All customers have protections in place which limits their charges to £49 for a set amount of data.

‘In this instance, the customer received numerous text alerts which updated her on the roaming costs for America. She actively opted out of our roaming data cap to continue to use data, effectively removing the in-built protection from large data roaming bills.”

Kitguru says: I wonder what the father thought when he checked his bank details that week.

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