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Apple Store celebrates 5th birthday with free downloads

The Apple Store is celebrating their 5th birthday and the company are giving away 5 applications and games, free of charge to everyone.

Apple have grown in the last 10 years to the world’s most successful technology company. In 2007 they launched their first mobile phone and it was an immediate success. At the launch event Steve Jobs said “Today Apple reinvents the phone.”

6 years later, the iPhone still sells well, but is facing stiffer competition from competitors such as Samsung.

Part of Apple’s success has to be attributed to the App Store, which was launched alongside the second iPhone and it changed the market forever. By giving application development to the end user they sparked a raft of great programs which sold millions and made the creators very rich people indeed. Apple cleverly had a system in place to keep 30% of the money generated, lining their coffers with billions of dollars.

Recently the 50 billionth application was downloaded.

Apple are giving away:



Kitguru says: This is a time restricted offer, so if you use the platform, be sure to get online and download them, for free.

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