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Microsoft ‘need to lead and not follow’

We reported at the weekend that Microsoft shares soared when it was announced that Steve Ballmer would be retiring … such is the lack of confidence in his leadership ability.

Microsoft are now searching for a shortlist of possible candidates under the control of chairman and founder Bill Gates. According to the BBC this morning, many analysts would be happy to see his replacement sourced from outside the company.

They add that Manoj Menon, managing director of consulting firm Frost & Sullivan believes that Microsoft lost their position as the market leader and have became a market follower, always responding to moves from Google and Apple.

Microsoft are still a formidable company, but many people believe that poor leadership has weakened their market position. If they pick the right CEO to take over from Ballmer, perhaps this will change in the coming years.

Kitguru says: Will Microsoft start to lead again with a new CEO in place?

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