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Amazon could launch app store tomorrow

Online store Amazon could be preparing to launch their app store tomorrow – aimed at the Google Android userbase.

A source within Amazon has leaked information to Wired saying that the retail chain could be launching the app store tomorrow. This new Amazon store is set to lure users away from the official Android Market by offering exclusive applications and reduced pricing.

The blog Android News found an Amazon app store webpage which was later removed, but it highlighted that Amazon were able to offer reduced prices when compared with the official Android Market.

Amazon are rumoured to be offering the new Angry Birds Rio game and a Call Of Duty Game to Android users at the time of launch, this will entice users to head over and have a look at the titles on offer.

Amazon will be regulating the applications which are allowed to be sold on their store, in a similar fashion to Apple who monitor and authorise applications to be sold. It can even set the prices for the programs.

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