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AMD invests in expanding sales force, sort of

Products like Coca Cola are so ubiquitous that most of us are surprised to enter a shop that sells any kind of food or drink and find out that they have no Coke. In fact, many restaurants will apologise before saying, “But we have Pepsi”. At the same time, how many of us have ever met a Coca Cola employee?  Looks like someone at AMD has spotted the benefit of the extended family. KitGuru prepares to marry its own grandmother.

Reading a story about a job cut at AMD is like seeing a news article about petrol prices or the pitiful lack of growth in the Western economy. While it may be true and there may be an article in there, it's part of such an overall pattern that it's hard to pick out the single item of note.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that AMD is focusing budget on recruiting an extended sales force. There will be 3 divisions for the new league and, presumably, the opportunity for promotion and demotion as partners vie to move up from ‘Select' to ‘Premier' to ‘Elite'.

While Fusion processors may be a thing of the past, the name itself must have sounded cool enough to the Austin powers that be. It's now the name of the all-encompassing, triple-layer cake called the Fusion Partner Programme. Alongside education and networking, arguably the most important/interesting part for channel players who want to offer genuine choice to their customers, will be that the Premier and Elite partners get funded.

Premier partners will get something called ‘marketing funding', while those who qualify for membership of the Elite echelon will be suckling at the sweet teat of ‘financial accelerators'. We have no idea what they are, but we're compelled to do at least a little lip licking.

If AMD's re-vamped channel programme can excite smaller resellers as much as this young lady, then it would certainly create a cost effective sales force. What remains to be seen is just how strongly the programme will be funded. If you value choice, hope high.

KitGuru says: If you're involved in the selling of PCs and fancy some of this ‘free money', then it's got to be worth a quick glance over here.

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