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AMD moves to Spicer up its channel sales

While Intel might have coined the phrase ‘computing continuum’, the ongoing state of flux seems to belong well and truly to AMD at the moment. Even more changes are being executed as we type. This time it’s the channel that’s changing. KitGuru checks AMD’s inventory for any missing spices.

At the point where AMD was ready to unload the K5 processor on the UK market, regional sales were being driven by people like John Hammil, Jackie Day and Andrew Buxton. In the decade that’s passed, John has moved to take over world wide sales for cooling specialist Asetek, Jackie has set up her own specialist agency and now, it seems, Andrew will be moving on to new projects.

Andrew’s move follows an AMD career that’s been remarkable for not only how the brand has been built into the hearts and minds of the UK consumer, but also how many times he’s stood on stage to collect the industry’s highest accolades. Rumour has it that Preston-born Andrew has spent the last decade or so buying more houses than any one would know what to do with – apparently something to do with ‘buying northern cottages using southern salaries’.

Andrew Buxton (right in this gang of three) seen collecting the EMEA Component Vendor of the Year award at Distree in 2011

So that leaves a position available for someone to run channel sales for both CPU and GPU. Enter one of AMD’s brightest young stars, Neil Spicer. Having driven sales for ATI and Sapphire in the past, father of two Neil joined AMD proper in April 2010 and has been enjoying a meteoric rise through the ranks.

At the time of writing, Neil was still listed as sales manager for graphics and chipsets for EMEA, but his next step will see him adding the processor business to his portfolio.

Interesting shot sent into us from the recent Distree channel event in Monte Carlo. On the left, Buxton is seen organising his world, while on the right, Neil 'The Prodigy' Spicer opens up a new dialogue.

KitGuru says: The on-going shuffle at AMD needs to deliver results. Since joining, new AMD CEO Rory Read has become something of an ‘agent of change’, but we’ll need to see the end of year revenue figures for 2012 to see if he has implemented the magic formula – ready for the predicted boom in 2013/14.

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