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Analysts are sure that the iPad mini is coming

Whispers are growing louder on the rumored mini iPad we've been hearing more of lately. The latest from analysts shows increasing confidence that Apple will be introducing a smaller and cheaper iPad to market sometime later this year (after the iPad 3's hit the market in volume). Several analysts are also now suggesting that the new low-end slate from Apple will have a 7-inch (not the previously reported 8-inch) screen and appear sometime during Q3.

These analysts have also boldly claimed a price tag of US $299 which is hard to believe considering Apple's usual figures on the value of its products. Supposedly the iPad mini will use significantly cheaper components and result in a build-of-materials cost of under US $100, quite a chunk lower than the BOM cost in producing the iPhone.

Steve Jobs openly stated that Apple had no interest in smaller tablets as he believed they had no real place in the market. His outlook was more or less along the lines of saying that if you wanted something small, you've got your iPhone and if you need a bigger screen you do it properly and go 9.7-inches. I think many would beg to differ in today's market and are attracted by the size of the many 7 / 8-inch tablets floating about only they're wishing for Apple's smooth as silk iOS as a part of the deal.

KitGuru says: I wonder how many of our readers would be interested in a smaller iPad. Do you think it would have its place in the market? Please comment below!

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