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Aria announces £1.99 next day shipping to Northern Ireland

If you live on the mainland of any major country around the world, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to fast moving, low cost courier services. Not so the folks in Northern Ireland. For many years, couriers have treated addresses in the north of Ireland as ‘very exotic’ and deserving of a massive shipping charge. no more. Aria is the party of inclusion, it seems.

If you’re moving large items around – from anywhere to anywhere – you can expect a courier charge to match.

The challenge for the people of Northern Ireland is that when they want to buy products which come to less than, say, £30 – they are often hit with massive shipping charges.

The charges can, in many cases, be more than the value of the goods being shipped.

That’s just ridiculous – especially when you look at how much shipping love the UK government has been lavishing on the Channel Islands over the years.

No more.

Hot on the heels of its earlier announcement of a new delivery system for mainland UK, Aria has now implemented a similar system for shipping to Northern Ireland – where customers can choose between a pair of sensibly priced options, including:-

  1. £1.99 Next Day* service for smaller packages that cost less than £30 and weigh under 750 grams (*can sometimes take 2 days)
  2. £11.95 for the DPD 2-day service (which does go up to £30 for Eire in the south)

So, there you have it, equality for all!

Full details here.

While initiating a modern, fast-moving, low-cost delivery service for folks in Northern Ireland is, generally, a good thing – spare a thought for the local post service and their traditional, more environmentally friendly methods.

Delivery to Northern Ireland

KitGuru says: With Scotland looking to break free of the UK, it’s good that courier companies are stepping up to make everyone feel as though they really are part of the same country.

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