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KitGuru readers LOVE desktops – ZERO plans to move

Since the inception of KitGuru.net over 3 years ago, we have run a bunch of polls on a variety of different subjects. In all that time, we can't remember any set of votes where one of the options failed to get a single person's click. Until now.

KitGuru has managed to get eyes-on some very interesting ‘long view' predictions from research giant IDC.

We also have an extensive library of our own research to draw upon.

Just under 10% of the revenues taken on complete computers now come from the desktop, with tablets now eating over 40% of the UK PC spend.

That said, most companies struggle to make any money at all on tablets – while desktops remain the best margin generators. Remember, these market share stats don't include revenue generated by all of the components sold as add-ons or upgrades – and it also doesn't take into consideration the enthusiasts and clockers (KitGuru readers) who build their own.

While there are a lot of ups and down in the various price categories, one thing is clear: Serious users need serious power – and that power almost invariably comes from having a well specified desktop system.

All of the key components are interlinked – making the ‘knowledgeable user market' very attractive.

Example?  Well, if you need mountains of storage, then you will naturally pick a big chassis and it also influences your choice of processor. The same goes for gamers who want to avoid a CPU bottleneck when gaming at high resolutions. All of the various aspects of your system are interlinked to achieve a well balanced PC.

So what are the great revelations following KitGuru's most recent poll?

We have combined the latest data about ‘What is a sensible investment in a desktop system?' with ‘What is your next purchase intention?' – to get a really clear picture of what KitGuru readers are all about:-


KitGuru says: There is a sizable (16%) group of our readers who believe that ‘the best or nothing' is the way to go, while a much smaller group (9%) think that budget is everything. That leaves 75% believing that £500 to £1,500 is the right price to pay – with a strong skew toward to the £1,000 mark ($1,500 / €1,200). But the killer figure is that NONE of you are planning to move away from desktop systems – even though you will buy tablets, consoles and laptops. Nice.

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