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UK defence secretary calls for ban on Medal Of Honor

The new Medal Of Honor game is causing controversy due to calls by the UK defense secretary calling for it to banned.

The game, as reviewed on KitGuru gaming follows the travels of a Special Forces group battling enemy in Afghanistan in 2002. Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox called for the game to be banned after it was found out that players could fight as members of the Taliban. Developer Electronic Arts said the game was meant to be a realistic experience, but eventually caved in and renamed the Taliban ‘The Opposition’.

While many games still let players take the role of NAZI soldiers, it appears that the Afghanistan war is too fresh a conflict to not cause offense, especially as 150,000 American, British and allied troops are still in action.

Dr Fox has said that the game is ‘un-British’ and that it was ‘shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban against British Soldiers”.

Canadian and Danish defence members have also been outspoken against this aspect of the game. This hasn’t stopped the game going on sale today however.

KitGuru says: Bad taste or people just overreacting, what do you think?

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