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1 trillion hits a month for Facebook

Facebook continues to grow, with the latest figures released showing a staggering 1 trillion hits a month for the organisation. This is considerable more than even Youtube, which ‘only’ claims 100 million.

Behind FaceBook and Youtube, is the ever popular Yahoo.com which claims 78 million page views every month.

Facebook continues to grow, as more and more people become interested in social networking. Even the older, less ‘technologically aware’ audience have been sucked into the social networking aspect of the online experience, which would account for the continued traffic increases.

With Google+ being launched recently, we can see that Google have plans to try and claim some of this traffic for themselves. It is still early days and Facebook seem to have such a stranglehold on the market that it is not going to be easy, even for the search engine giant.

Kitguru says: 1 Trillion pageviews a month. Tasty.

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