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RIM release BBM Music for BlackBerry

Research In Motion have released their new BBM Music service, a messenger based software extra for Blackberry phones. BBM Music is a cloud based music service which allows BlackBerry Messenger users to share music through a community based music library.

During the UK riots, RIM were faced with negative press after it was discovered that many of the rioters were organising their attacks through the protected service. A move like this will help to reaffirm the client as a ‘tool for good’. The software allows the end user to create a personal music profile with up to 50 songs. 25 songs each month can be updated and the profile is shared with the BBM Music Community. Each member can share 50 songs from their profile with another member. As you expand your circle of friends, you get access to more and more music tracks.

Users are allowed to select music from millions of songs which are shared by music companies such as EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal. The Application lets the user comment on friends songs and playlists and to keep track of how many of your friends are listening to your music choices. Music can also be saved offline to storage devices for easy access at a later date.

BlackBerry Messenger is an immensely popular piece of software with over 45 million subscribers. There is a trial beta in operation first, then it will be commercially available to users. It is not free however, with pricing said to be $4.99 every month.

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