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AIO Robotics all in one 3D printer/scanner to hit Kickstarter

The world’s first all in one 3D copy machine, that can scan, copy, print and fax 3D objects has hit Kickstarter. The system has a 7 inch touchscreen and four buttons. This ‘Zeus’ stand alone device can work independently of an internet connection and a desktop computer.

3D printers have dropped in price in recent months. The Replicator 2 3D printer for instance is available through Microsoft retail outlets in America for only $2,549.

The Zeus device takes the whole concept a stage further by offering scanning, copying and faxing abilities in a single unit. The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on the 4th of September. The Zeus has an onboard computer with a 12 inch turntable. Engadget spotted some posts on the RepRap forum which claim that the machine can print at a 100 micron resolution, or lower.

The guys behind the machine say it is simpler than operating a standard 2D household printer. Objects can be scanned on the Zeus thanks to the computer inside and then the data can be faxed over the internet, if the need arises.

No details yet on pricing or availability, but when the KickStarter campaign starts there should be more detailed analysis of the hardware and its capabilities.

Kitguru says: Has anyone adopted a 3D printer at this early stage?

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