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Panasonic develop ultra wide 64:9 video platform

Most people at home will be using a monitor either with a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio, but Panasonic have taken it a couple of steps further by creating a platform to deliver 64:9 Ultra Wide video. The system has a 160 degree horizontal angle of view, able to capture an entire sports field in a single image.
pansonic ultra wide system

The Panasonic system incorporates four of their AW-HE120 16:9 cameras. These are mounted in a 2×2 configuration inside a rig which weighs a total of 40kg. All four cameras move in unison with each camera taking the shot where another one stops. Software is then used to seamlessly stitch the four camera's shots together in real time, side by side, to create a really wide angle picture. The picture is then views on linked 16:9 screens.

The Panasonic system should be released sometime commercially in November, with the price being revealed around the same timeframe.

Kitguru says: A great platform for wide angle sports content, we think.

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